The Epic Event

This Day is so epic it’s hard to believe it is all happening in one day, But rest assured it is and not only once but twice! On November 1st We will be giving away over $1,500 in giveaways.  We don’t know what to give away so we called our friends over at Valken and they will be bringing a truck full of Gun’s, Clothing and accessories.

All valken Products will be for sale even if you are not one of the 60 spots in the session.

$20 Per session

Only 60 spots Available per Session.

Pre-Register today here. Spots are limited and will go quickly.

We will be having 3 different Giveaways on Nov. 1st.

Costume Contest-

  • Halloween is the night before, and we want to see what costume you have the best costume for each session will receive $50 towards the Valken Truck or a month pass

Ways you can win.

  1. Wear a costume…..

Combo Giveaway

This Giveaway includes a KWA CQB MOD 1 & a choose between 3 different Styled ACP Guns( Pictures Included below) *You do not need to be present to win this prize.

Ways you can win.

  1. Just come play any Saturday from now until 11/1/14 to be entered in our Combo giveaway
  2.  Buy a raffle ticket online or In-Store for $5 or 3 for $10

Buy a Raffle Ticket here

photo (2)

The Epic Giveaway of $1,000

This Giveaway is the main event. This will happen in both sessions and there will be 3 winners in each Session.

First prize will receive $250 good towards the Valken Truck only.

Second prize will receive $150 good towards the Valken Truck only.

Third prize will receive $50 good towards the Valken Truck only.

Ways you can win.

  1. Be one of the 60 players in each Session.


On The Epic Event we will have two sessions an AM Session and a PM session.

AM- 11am to 3:45pm  $20

PM- 4:15pm to 9pm  $20


Over 1,500$ in prizes.





  Day Pass Day Pass with Rental* 2 hour Pass 2 hour Pass with Rental*
Wednesday $15 $35
Friday $20** $40 $15 $30
Saturday $25 $40 $15 $30
Sunday $20 $30 $15 $30

* Rental Package … includes Rental Gun, Full Face Mask.

*350 BB’s for $1

**Ladies play Free on Fridays. ( Rental gun & BB’s not included)

1801 Union Blvd Allentown PA (484)221-8830