Springer Night on May 13, 2014

Springer Tuesday, You asked for it and you got it! We are offering a springer only night on May 13, 2014. The night will be from 5pm to 9pm and cost $15. We have 5 rentals for those who need them but will be first come first serve. Thanks to all the players who reached out to us to start this night.

Indy Field

Operation: High Tower

Our Last game hosted by Outer heaven was amazing! Check it out here- Dark Horse 6 Video of Frozen Death Cards

This one is Sponsored By The Grid Code.

Get ready folks for another epic game by DH6

Date: May 17th Saturday
Location: Independence Airsoft & Tactical Park
25 Island Rd
Great Meadows, NJ 07838

It was thought to be a quiet morning in Great Meadows NJ when the Americans intercepted Intel from High Tower that the Russians were on the verge of advancing over international airspace and international waters. The Americans scramble to alert and siren all commands to be on high alert of the invasion nearing. The Russians on the verge of an attack holds a key figure that the Americans will dispatch Mercenaries and Navy Seals to retrieve and extract. What will it take to protect this High Tower?

But wait, there’s more!




  Day Pass Day Pass with Rental* 2 hour Pass 2 hour Pass with Rental*
Wednesday $15 $35 Not Necessary  Not Necessary
Friday $20 $40 $15 $35
Saturday $25 $45 $15 $35
Sunday $20 $40 $15 $35

* Rental Package … includes Rental Gun, Full Face Mask.

*350 BB’s for $1

Airsoft News, Safety, and Rules Changes

We at The Grid Code have been following the National discussion
regarding safety concerns within the industry stemming from technologies
that allow for “on the fly” adjustable fps and rate of fire.
Throughout the country, Airsoft arenas and fields are restricting and /
or banning the use of these technologies.The Grid Code takes great pride in our mission to promote safe and
responsible participation in our favorite sport; in fact, safety and
responsibility have been, and always will be our first priorities. We
believe our ability to introduce Airsoft to many new players, as well as
to provide an inviting Arena for veteran players to come and share their
experiences with our new friends and demonstrate the honor and respect
that goes hand in hand with the sport of Airsoft to be our own honor and

Bearing in mind the current practices within the industry, we at The
Grid Code have decided that, for the time being, Airsoft guns and
systems that provide for such “on the fly” adjustments will be
restricted from Open Play at our indoor facility. Private or individual
Events and Ops sponsored by The Grid Code may not be affected by this
restriction; players will need to check each event and / or hosting
field for any restrictions that may be in place.

Fortunately, one US company, Polar Star, is diligently working with
industry leaders to develop fail safe technologies that would allow
Arenas and Fields to lift these restrictions in the very near future.
The Grid Code will continue to monitor developments and work with all
interested parties to eliminate the safety concerns that exist, and we
will keep you updated as we learn more.

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