We will be open Saturday 12-9 for our normal hours

We have just started to use an online reservation system. (Click here to reserve a group) This is a new process and we hope that it is simple for everyone. If you do not want to use this system you can still call us at (484)221-8830 and book your group. Our new OP is posted below.






  Day Pass Day Pass with Rental* 2 hour Pass 2 hour Pass with Rental*
Wednesday $15 $35
Friday $20** $40 $15 $30
Saturday $20 $40 $15 $30
Sunday $20 $30 $15 $30

* Rental Package … includes Rental Gun, Full Face Mask.

*350 BB’s for $1

**Ladies play Free on Fridays. ( Rental gun & BB’s not included)

1801 Union Blvd Allentown PA (484)221-8830